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Sabah Cube Open 2018

Schedule (Finalised)

Full version of schedules are only available in web version (Desktop)

*Please note that the schedule times are based on estimation. Please pay attention to the announced schedule at the venue to avoid missing out on your events. You may check in at any time but you are recommended to check in at least 1 hour prior to your first event. 

**Cutoff time: If both the final results of the first 2 attempts, out of 5 attempts exceed the cutoff time for that event, the competitor will not be allowed to have the last 3 attempts.(For events with 3 attempts, if the final result of the 1st attempt exceeds the cutoff time, the competitor will not be allowed to have the last 2 attempts.) A 'DNF' (Did Not Finish) is considered as exceeding the cutoff time.

***The formats and the number of participants advancing for each round of each event will be subjected to changes according to the number of  participants and time constraints in which it is upon the discretion of the delegates.

The time limits are strict times after which the competitor will not be allowed to finish his or her solve.

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