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Malaysian Cube Championship 2017 



Registration Period

8th November 2017 (WED) 12:00 a.m (GMT+8) - 17th December 2017 (SAT) 12:00 a.m (GMT+8)

Registration Fee:

The base entrance fee for the first event is RM 28.24, for subsequent event please refer to payment page. Be sure to complete the registration with full payment via paypal prior 17th December 2017.

All registration fees are payable via paypal (debit/credit card) only, walk-in payment and registration are not acceptable.

If the competitors limit is reached, we will put your registration in a queue. If another competitor withdraw from the competition, the spot will be filled by the first registrant in the queue. If the size of the queue reaches 10, we will close registration prior to the official deadline.

Please notify us by email if you wish to pull out from this competition after registration.

Registration Info:

This event is an official WCA (World Cube Association) sanctioned competition. The competition process will be conducted in accordance with the WCA competition regulations. Please be sure to read the WCA Regulations thoroughly before entering the competition.

  • Participants who are joining for Clock must prepare a Clock with smooth dials and pins which would not fall off on their own in the rotation of the Clock.

  • For participants who are joining 3x3 with feet, you may prepare individual Speedstacks timer (G2/ pro/ G4 version) and mat due to hygiene purposes.

  • The Organising team will not provide puzzles to compete with or blindfolds for blindfolded events.

*The WCA Delegates reserve the right to disqualify any participants who does not fulfill the requirement aforementioned.

Before you submit your registration please make sure to :
1) Enter your FULL NAME correctly as per in your ID card.
2) Capitalize each word of your name correctly.(e.g Muhammad Hariz Bin Azizan)
3) Enter your date of birth correctly (e.g 12.02.1998)

*We reserve the right to reject any registration which does not fulfill the requirement aforementioned.

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