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Malaysian Cube Championship 2017 


Rakyat Relay


    1) Team of 3 relay solve with 3 events (each team member does 1 event)
    2) Limited to 16 teams only
    3) 1v1 Team Knockout Format
    4) Day One (Best of 1)
        - Round 1 : Teams 1-8 (4 teams advance)
        - Round 2 : Teams 9-16 (4 teams advance)
        - Round 3 (Quarterfinal) : Top 8 from previous rounds (top 4 advance to semifinal)   
    5) Day Two (Mean of 3)
        - Semifinal : (Team A vs Team B) and (Team C vs Team D)
        - 3rd Place Match : Semifinal losers
        - Final : Semifinal winners
    6) Rakyat Relay will be done after all events on Day 1 and before 3x3 finals on Day 2.
    7) Teams sign up via google form (listed above) latest by 20th of December
    8) Top 3 teams will each receive certificates, medals and a “mystery prize” sponsored by Ivan Lew 
    9) Teams are required to pay RM5 (on the spot payment at MCC17)



    1) Cubers can form their team of 3 with ANY other Malaysian, create team name.
    2) To make things fair, having more than one CURRENT NR/CR holder in a team is NOT ALLOWED.
        eg. Hariz, Ainesh and William can’t form a team, but Manfred, Eason and Darren can
    3) All team members must already be registered for Malaysia Cube Championship 2017.



    1) From a pool of 9 events, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, Pyraminx, Skewb, OH, Square-1 and Megaminx.
    2) Separated into 3 tiers : Easy, Medium and Hard
    3) Tier 1: 2x2 / Pyraminx / Skewb        Tier 2: 3x3 / Square-1 / OH              Tier 3: 4x4 / 5x5 / Megaminx
    4) For ALL DAY 1 matches, Yi Jun will randomly select (from a bag) 1 event from each tier, every team in that round will stick to the 3                  selected events, selection will be done a few days prior to comp on FB live.
    For example, Yi Jun will pick Round 1 : pyra/3x3/mega , Round 2 events will be selected out of remaining 6 events eg. 2x2/OH/4x4 , hence  Quarterfinal events will be the remaining 3 events (skewb/SQ1/5x5)

      5) For DAY 2, event selection will be done on the spot when teams go head to head. After selecting events, teams will have 2 minutes to                strategize and submit their puzzles.
      a) Similar to Day 1, the first 3 picks will be for Team A/B, second 3 picks for Team C/D, the remaining 3 events automatically go to the 3rd              place match.
      b) For Finals, all 9 events will be covered (3 in each attempt of the mo3), the 3 events will be picked before each attempt.




    1) Participants should have their puzzles ready for submission.
    2) All 3 puzzles are scrambled & placed while covered according to team order preference.
    3) Only the 1st cuber in the relay is entitled to standard WCA inspection time, and solves as per usual, however he/she does NOT need to              stop the timer.
   4) Instead, the 1st cuber must tag both hands of the 2nd cuber in order for the 2nd cuber to remove his/her cover and begin solving.
   5) The same goes between the 2nd and 3rd cuber except that the 3rd cuber stops the timer.
   6) Standard WCA +2 penalties are applied (if any), the time is recorded by the judge, leader checks time and signs.
   7) Extra +2 penalties : forgetting to tag both hands


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