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Petaling Jaya Cubing Comeback 2022

Registration process:

How to register WCA competition in Malaysia??


The steps for registration are as follows:


1.  Sign up / Sign in your WCA account.


2.  Register into the competition


3.   Pay according to the event(s) that you registered and indicate the full name of the participant, email address 


4.   Once registration and payment done, please provide the organising team some time to process your registration.


Please note that registrations are approved manually. If your registration is not approved within 3 working days after payment, please contact the organization team.


**Make sure to register and pay for the competition to be accepted in the registration list, failure to do so will lead to invalid registration.**



Please take note that:

*- All registration fees are payable via PayPal (debit/credit card) only, walk-in payment and registration are not acceptable.

*-  If you wish to add/remove/amend your event, or withdraw from the competition, you should email to us before the registration deadline. Our team will provide the procedures needed.

*- You must complete all the steps given as per instructed, failure to do so will lead to incomplete registration.

*- The deadline for updating registered events for competitors (Saturday, June 25, 2022, 3:00 PM GMT+8) 

*- Waiting list will only serve as it's the purpose when the registration is full.

*- If the competitors limit is reached, we will put your registration in the waiting list.

*- If another competitor withdraws from the competition, the spot will be filled by the first registrant in the queue. If the size of the queue reaches 10, we will CLOSE registration prior to the official deadline.*




* Payment which does not match with the events registered will be recognised as 'Incomplete registration'.

* Incomplete registration: The base registration fee will be charged and if there is any remaining balance will be refunded.

* Withdraw from the competition before registration deadline: The base registration fee will be charged and there is any remaining balance will be refunded. 

* Withdraw 1 or more events (but still participating) before the deadline: 100% refund for the affected amount in cash/ewallet/bank transfer before the end of the competition.

*  Withdraw after registration deadline: No refund.


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