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Merdeka Mind Games 2019



Registration process:

The steps for registration are as follows:
    1. Sign up / Sign in your WCA account.


    2. Register into the competition through here.

    3. Pay according to the event(s) that you registered and indicate the full name of the participant, email address (as per registered at          WCA website) 

    4. Once registration and payment done, please email us the receipt with:
    i) FIrst timer - Photocopy/Snapshot of NRIC/Passport with Participant's Name, Nationality and Date of Birth (D.O.B).
    ii) Returner - WCA ID, with Participant's Name.


If you wish to change any event(s) to your registration, you should email to us before the registration deadline. Our team will provide procedures needed.

Please take note that:
 - All registration fees are payable via paypal (debit/credit card) only, walk-in payment and registration are not acceptable.
 - CIMB Bank Debit Cardholders are currently blocked from making any payments to Paypal due to an incident happened on Dec,17 2018 (For more information you may visit:

* You must complete all the steps given as per instructed, failure to do so will lead to incomplete registration.
* Please note that registrations are approved manually. If your registration is not approved within 3 working days after payment, please contact the organization team. 
* Registration will close on Monday, September 9, 2019, 12:00 AM GMT+8, or when the competitor limit of 25 people is reached.

*  Registration fees won't be refunded under any circumstance


How to pay:

Please remember to indicate the full name of the participant, email address (as per registered at WCA website) and send us the receipt.


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