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Create your own alg

  • Cube Explorer: Cube explorer has been around for ages for creating algorithms. Solid choice. (3x3 only)

  • Ksolve: Ksolve lets you create algs for everything else.

  • Sorts out 3x3x3 algorithms and also can ignore pre AUF and post AUF

  • You can use to check solutions/algs to make sure they are correct before posting them.



Cyotheking (CLL, EG1, EG2, etc)

3x3 (ALGS)

Cyotheking (PLL, OLL, COLL, VLS, etc) (Easy-to-print alg sets)

How to get fast guide (Former 3x3 NR Jonathan Tan)


5x5 L2C/L2E


Skewb, Square-1 and more 


Credits to William Gan & Cyotheking

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